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L1 house

Thiết kế : G+architects. Giang Đoàn, Duy Hoàng, Thanh Tuấn, Hải Vũ. Xây dựng: Không Gian Trẻ Photo: Duy Hoang Năm thực hiện 2018 L1 House is located in a newly developed residential area in the East of HCM City. The house measures 5.4m in width and 9.6m in depth. The height restriction on the site creats an opportunity for the architect to study social morphology and structure of human life to its maximum. Activities are divided into many vertical layers with interconnected spaces. The house is designed with a climatic approach. The South facade has a double skin where the outer skin has walls and ventilation bricks to get in dispersed light and also have cross ventilation across the whole house. The inner skin has man
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Nguồn: G+architects
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Địa chỉ: 29/3 - P.9 - Q.Phú Nhuận - tel 0918140280

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